Parkdale Root Canal Therapy

Significant decay and dental injury are factors that can cause many to lose their teeth, creating issues with jaw resorption and bite imbalance in the future. At Blatt Family Dentistry & Associates, our dentists in Liberty Village provide endodontic care for patients to help curb the effects of dental decay and trauma. True to our commitment to promoting healthy smiles in Parkdale and the surrounding areas, our practice offers in-depth diagnosis and treatment of root canal infections.


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What is Root Canal Therapy?

When the exterior structures of a tooth have been broken down, either due to decay, trauma, or other factors, the internal soft tissues become endangered by the bacteria present in the mouth. If this tissue, known as the pulp, is infected, patients can experience temperature sensitivity, pressure sensitivity, and prolonged discomfort. Root Canal Therapy in Parkdale

At Blatt Family Dental & Associates, we perform root canal therapy to eliminate discomfort and to protect against future tooth infections. Root canal therapy involves removing the infected tissues from the tooth. Once this tissue is removed, a filling is placed deep inside the tooth, preventing any new bacteria from re-entering and re-infecting that tooth. Our dentists will then recommend a dental crown to cover the tooth in order to preserve its durability and to prevent tooth fracture.

Comprehensive Dental Care

When patients come to our office and are in need of root canal therapy, our dentists perform a thorough examination to be sure that this procedure is necessary and walk our patients through all of their treatment options. This comprehensive approach involves a full examination of the affected area, tests for sensitivity, an x-ray, and evaluation of our patients' medical history.

Once we establish that root canal treatment is required, our priority is to eliminate your discomfort. This may involve starting, sometimes even completing, the procedure the same day. Alternatively, we may determine that a course of antibiotics is needed first to calm the tooth down before treatment.

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